NEW: Recent decisions by the Supreme Court have made Doctor - Assisted Suicide no longer illegal. The government has been given one year to draw up the new law. We will update our pages as soon as new information on this law is available. Thank you.

"Because of advances in medical treatment, people are now able to live longer and to delay death. But the ability to live longer often entails a diminished quality of life for those who suffer from degenerative or incurable diseases. The desire to achieve greater control over decisions relating to life and death has been fuelled by a number of factors, including: the desire to be spared from prolonged suffering and a better understanding of how medical technology can prolong life and affect the dying process. These factors have fostered an interest in euthanasia and assisted suicide."

In Canada Euthanasia and Assisted suicide are criminal acts and will be prosecuted by the law.

"Section 14 of the Criminal Code provides that:

No person is entitled to consent to have death inflicted on him, and such consent does not affect the criminal responsibility of any person by whom death may be inflicted on the person by whom consent is given.

In the medical context, a doctor who, at a patient’s request, gives the patient a lethal injection would be criminally liable."

Quoted text taken from: Last Accessed March 20, 2014