Useful Videos

In this section, we hope to present you with some videos (see menu on the left) that may show you some insight as to what is happening inside the womb, while a woman experiences her preganancy.

We have an animated video version explaining all the developments from conception to birth. Another video showing real life footage of what development of a human child looks like within the womb.

A third video with human developement takes a more religious approach. This video is about 52 minutes long. 

An amazing fourth video shows actual 4D Ultrasound foortage. Technology has come so far that we can actual see real features of the unborn child.

So if you are a woman who is searching for answers after just discovering that you have an unwanted preganancy; you may feel scared, trapped, and maybe even pressured to take care of this unwanted child.  Abortion was suggested, but you have had your doubts. There are clear and obvious dangers in the abortion procedure itself, and so you need alternatives.

With an unwanted preganancy you have the option to keep the child and stay as the childs parent, or you may want choose to place the child up for adoption. There are thousands of couples who unfortunately cannot conceive themselves and are eagerly awaiting the possibilty to adopt a child. 

A video on Adoption vs Abortion provides an insight on how one woman had to decide the faith of her child which was conceived from a rape.

If you came to this site because the doctors have told you that the ultrasound showed malformations within the child, and you are facing a tough decision?  Not all ultrasounds show accurately what is going on, an there have been many cases where the baby born was perfectly health and normal, even though doctors had said there would be seious health issues for the child if it would be born. However in other cases the doctors are correct and the child is born with a handicap.

The video on Christian Buchanan is an inspiring story about facing such a tough decision, and why they choose to keep the child.

Additional we have some pro-life videos as well.