The Moral Dilemma

Why are pro life people involved with this topic, you may ask?

Well the use of embryonic stem cells is done in such a way that it causes the death of the embryo. The pro life movement does not accept the killing of the unborn.

The moral dilemma deals with the value of human life (from conception to birth) vs the advancement of science and medicine. If we have the technology to use human embryonic stem cells and cure people from very devastating illnesses, do we not have the moral obligation to those suffering to use these cells? What about the rights of the unborn? Here the discussions are on when a newly formed zygote, an embryo, a fetus or even a baby receives it's definition of personhood status. This has been debated and the discussions are far from over. Science has proven without a doubt that at conception an entirely new genetic being is formed that has the genetic information and capability to form a human being, nothing else. For the pro life movement this definition means that at conception it is a human person and it should therefore have all the rights that each and every human has been given.

Over the many years that the scientific world has been performing experiments on human embryonic stem cells, the results have been minimal. The research into adult - induced - stem cells has however resulted in many success stories. It is our opinion that research into human embryonic stem cells should be halted immediately. 

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