Vigil Registration Form - 40 Days for Life Niagara Falls ON, Canada


Vigil Registration Form - February 14 to March 25, 2018

Please complete this form to indicate the time you (and/or your group) will be participating in the silent prayer vigil outside of Greater Niagara General Hospital (Greater Niagara General Hospital, 5546 Portage Rd, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6X2) Please be advised that we may have a 50 m bubble zone (See map) that the governent implemented last year that may prevent us from praying near the hospital itself. Kindly follow the directions of those in charge of the event. Thank you.


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In the Calendar below the Green indicated fields indicate that people have signed up for that date and time slot. The orange slots indicate a parish has requested that day and are planning the tie slots in the near future. 
You are kindly asked to designate your date and time on any of the open spots.
This will ensure maximum coverage for the entire 40 days.Thank you

Please be aware that abortions take place at this facility on Wednesdays. Kindly keep this in mind when selecting your vigil hours. Thank you.

Once you hit the "Submit" button, you should see the acknowledgement of your registration.


***PLEASE NOTE: If you need to submit more times, please complete this same form again. Thank you..***


If you have made an error in your entry or wish to cancel at a future date, please e-mail the Vigil Co-Ordinator at



Time of the day
Date 8-9AM 9-10AM 10-11AM 11-12AM 12-1PM 1-2PM 2-3PM 3-4PM 4-5PM 5-6PM 6-7PM 7-8PM
Feb. 14                           
Feb. 15                        
Feb. 16                        
Feb. 17                        
Feb. 18                        
Feb. 19                        
Feb. 20                        
Feb. 21                        
Feb. 22                        
Feb. 23                        
Feb. 24                        
Feb. 25                        
Feb. 26                        
Feb. 27                        
Feb. 28                        
March 1                        
March 2                        
March 3                        
March 4                        
March 5                        
March 6                        
March 7                        
March 8                        
March 9                        
March 10                        
March 11                        
March 12                        
March 13                        
March 14                        
March 15                        
March 16                        
March 17                        
March 18                        
March 19                        
March 20                        
March 21                        
March 22                        
March 23                        
March 24                        
March 25                        
***Some registrants bring their families, friends, or group members to the vigil.
**** Please specify the Church or Organization in the Niagara Region with which you are involved, or indicate someone you know and their e-mail address who is already registered with the 40 Days for Life. For help, please email the Vigil Co-ordinator at