Winter 2015/2016 Edition of our Lifelines Newsletter.

Dear Pro-Life Friends,

My apologies for mailing this out so late. My head has been deep into the process of selling our house and getting it ready for open house events. Here I thought that I had already
e-mailed this out to you, while it turned out to be sitting in the computer buffer waiting for the send signal. 

However, being tardy mailing this out does give me the time to add this information for you of our upcoming AGM Dinner at the end of April. Here are the specifics:

AGM Dinner is April 30, 2016 At St. Anthony’s Church - 360 River Road, Welland Tickets available at our office. Call : (905) 714 - 0547 
For more details and tickets see the poster. 

Click here for the poster.

We hope to see a lot of support this year, as our fight against this Liberal Government Assisted Suicide policy already shows how the culture of death is continuing its grip on society. 

If each and every one of us encourages at least 3 of our friends to come along to this AGM Dinner, we can spread the pro-life message far and wide. And....with Jim Hughes as our guest speaker we are sure some people's mentalities regarding pro-life topics can be influenced. 

Wishing you all a great Easter Season.

Welland Port Colborne Pro Life.





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