Spring 2015 Newsletter

Dear fellow pro-lifers,

It is with great pleasure that I can provide you with the latest edition of our LifeLines newsletter.

After the tragic decision by the Supreme Court of Canada to give the federal government only one year to set up legislation for doctor assisted suicide, we, in Ontario, were bombarded with an extremely offensive sex ed. Program for our schools. Offensive, in that it contains a lot of graphic material that is age inappropriate for the grades it was laid out for. Not to mention that it was developed by a self-admitting child pornographer and without the input of the public of Ontario. Here they want to teach our children what consent is, without even asking the public if they have their consent to do so. How ironic! The government is so concerned with bullying in our schools, yet they are the biggest bullies themselves.

The topic of this new sex ed. Program will most likely come up in Jim Enos’ speech when he addresses us at the AGM. Tickets for this year’s AGM on April 18, 2015 are still $25 for adults and $15 for children ages 12 and under. Please call the office to reserve your seats - (905) 714 - 0547. This year we would like to aim for at least 100 guests and so we encourage each and every one of you to attend and if possible to bring one friend or family member with you. The evening, which begins around 6 pm with registration and refreshments, will beside this awesome key note speaker: Jim Enos (President of the Hamilton Wentworth Family Action Council and member of the Cristian Heritage Party – CHP) also have entertainment and a dance. This concluding dance has been enjoyed by the many attending youth in the past and so we encourage you to bring your children along.

Can’t attend the AGM this year, please consider making a donation to support our event.


Thank you.

On May 30, 2015 we once again host the annual walk-a-thon and we would like to increase our numbers this year, so if you have some time, we would love to see you there. Again you are encouraged to support this event by bringing a friend or family member. Difficulty getting around, please consider sponsoring one of the walkers this year. Don’t know any of the walking participants, please contact our office and we will direct you to a participant. Thank you.

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The Welland Port Colborne Pro-life Association.

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